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Tarot Rats are:

Timothy Steel - Lead Vocals

Riff Wizard - Guitar

Chiv - Bass

Malc - Drums

Craig-o - 6th member, photographer, general all-round dude

& Rats ladies...





Timothy "steel" Hill

Lead vocalist Timothy Steel is the archetypal band frontman. With his dashing good looks and engaging performances, Tim leaves most audiences mesmerised. Most.

With influences ranging from Kate Bush to Robert Plant, Steel's vocal range is nothing short of spectral, allowing Tim to power through the Rat's big rock tracks but also tantalise on their softer, stripped back acoustic numbers.

No one fancies Tim more than Tim does himself.

 Riff Wizard

Riff Wizard

Johnny "Riff wizard" hammond

Riff Wizard Johnny is the heart of Tarot Rats with an instinctive ability to create beautiful music. The founding member, Johnny has always strived to push the Rat's forward with an unparalleled combination of hard work and passion.

Johnny's love of the great rock and blues guitarist is plain to see with Hendrix and SRV heading that bill.

Johnny has more tattoos per square inch than he does hair.



chris "solo" sansom

Commonly regarded as the prima-donna of the band, when not throwing a massive strop, Solo can normally be found bouncing around the stage.

Musical influences range from Pink Floyd to David Bowie, with a bit of Led Zepp and G n'R thrown in for good measure.

Solo has more hissy-fits than a creche full of three year olds.



adrian "chiv" smithers

Making up 50% of one of the strongest rhythm sections in the music industry, Chiv's bass tone has the ability to cover the soft warm pace of the Hanged Man through to the gritty dirt of War Begins in the Minds of Men.

Without a shadow of a about, Chiv is a musician first and foremost and is comfortable on piano, guitar and kazoo.

Chiv's not so dark secret is his love of all things Disney, having visited the various Disneylands and Disneyworlds across the globe more times than any adult really should.


alex "Malcolm" ribchester

Malc eats, breathes and shits drums. He is drumming personified. In fact, I gather when he was born, his dad wanted to call him "Tom" but was vetoed at the last minute. Eh? Eh?

Not only a drum instructor by trade, Malc maintains a YouTube channel with more drum how-to videos than you can shake a stick at (see what I did there?).

The other half of the Rat's incomparable rhythm section, he and Chiv provide such a strong and confident support enabling Steel, Riff wizard and Solo to wank incessantly on their respective instruments.