3.0 is the much anticipated follow-up EP from Tarot Rats.

Moving progressively on from the success of Minor Arcana, 3.0 takes a huge stride forward in terms of maturity and tone.


3.0 kicks off with the huge War Begins in the Minds of Men, a dirty, locomotive of a track which welcomes listeners back to the Rats' fold. With pounding drums and bass from the outset, WBITMOM brings together the riff induced tones from previous Rats songs featuring the new, superstar line-up. Timothy Steel tops it off with his sublime vocal range, heralding a new Tarot Rats era.


Second up is When We Were Young, a funky, semi-commercial sound that still has the stench of Rats' tone plastered all over it. With the accompanying lyric video, WWWY is the perfect way to show Tarot Rats' diversity and willingness to embrace all genres, commercial or no. With high-paced rhythm, sweet guitar licks and annoyingly catchy vocal line, this is surely a summer anthem.


The Hanged Man takes another sideways genre step with a more melancholic and sombre tone. Full of emotive guitar riffs and soulful vocals, Hanged Man is a true rock song for those looking for something a little darker. With echoes of early Zeppelin and ambient Floyd tones, the listener is taken on a journey from start to finish. 


Continuing that journey, The Hanged Man merges seamlessly into the beautiful Business As Usual. A stripped-back piano and vocal track, performed in isolation by the enigmatic Timothy Steel, you can't help but be awed by it's powerful simplicity. A truly heart-felt piece which envelopes the listener with Steel's passioned vocals.


Continuing the seamless transition, Plastic Rose closes the EP with yet another genre change, featuring a funky and yet hard hit progressiveness. Plastic Rose is a song of many moods, with the start riding on a full bodied guitar groove, escalating to an ambient middle section, exploding into a full-on, Rats-out, guitar solo, driving hard towards the end of the EP. Plastic Rose delivers a powerful and party-ending crescendo, delivering not just the finale 3.0 deserves but the delivery back down to Earth the listen so desperately needs.


3.0 is available to purchase or download from iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Prime and all the usual channels.


Minor arcana


Minor Arcana is the debut EP from Tarot Rats.


A blend of riff-fuelled, dynamic sounds against a backdrop of modern songwriting. The opening track “Simon” delivers a powerful punch and sets the tone for what’s to come.


Continuing the journey into the profound, “Killing Me at the Station” teases with circus-like intrigue and dirty, over-driven guts.


“No Love Lost” delves deep into the band’s psyche and the anthemic “Rats Get Fat While Brave Men Die” peaks to an euphoric crescendo.


Minor Arcana finishes on the beautifully emotive “Temperence”, providing a perfectly eclectic introduction to the Tarot Rats.

MInor Arcana.jpg

Minor Arcana

by Tarot Rats