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Tour Dates

September 22nd - the forum - tunbridge wells, kent

october 28th - the george - cranbrook, kent

december 15th - green door store - brighton, Sussex

May 26th - breaking bands - stoke prior - worcestershire


Rats news

Rats' review - Parish cake.

5th September 2017

Cranbrook local magazine Parish Cake recently published a great piece on the town's favourite contemporary blues-rock band, your's truly! Click this link to download a PDF version of the magazine with our wonderful article on page 21!

If you can't be arsed to do that, here's a picture of it instead:

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Rats' Lil Roar review

2nd September 2017

Yesterday the Mischief travelled due North to Leo's Red Lion in Gravesend, Kent. Famous for hosting some of rock and metal's greatest bands, the Red Lion has a long history of festivals and sold out rock nights.

This weekend saw the Lil Red Roar Festival with four stages playing the best from the local metal and thrash scene. In the middle of it all was the acoustic stage with little old Tarot Rats. When not competing with the super-loud thrash stage next to them, the Rats were received with a fantastically warm reception.

Tarot Rats bassist, Adrian Smithers had this to say:

"I've played this venue in a previous band so I know that it's got a good reputation and has seen many greats grace the stage. I was excited to hear that I would have the chance to be heading back there."

Playing an acoustic set meant that drummer Alex Ribchester was able to take time off for a Stag-do in Magaluf, no doubt getting shit-faced. He will be back with a vengeance for the 22nd September gig at the Forum.


Forum gig & EP launch preview

1st September 2017

The Mischief are gearing up for their forthcoming EP release at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells on 22nd September 2017. Not only will this be the official launch of the latest EP but will also feature amazing support acts including Midlands giants Empyre and local boys Honey Drive.

The Rat's have been practicing hard and have put together a show-stopping set with a great combination of old, new and EP tracks, including the latest single: When We Were Young.

Band frontman, Timothy Steel had this to say:

"It's no secret that we are excited about the new EP and the response we've had to our single has been amazing. This gig for us is the perfect opportunity to showcase to everyone how Tarot Rats sound is evolving.
"Our band is maturing and we have a clear idea of where we feel our music is going. These are exciting times for the Rats and we want everyone to be a part of the journey."

Tickets can be bought for the gig at the Forum on the 22nd September by clicking here.

See you there!


New single, When we were young released! 

22nd August 2017

Tarot Rats proudly announce the release of their exciting new single, When We Were Young. From their forthcoming new EP; 3.0, the single is a change from the tracks on the Rat's previous EP and shows how the sound has moved on. 

The single is a wonderful reminder of the nostalgic good times from our youth, the smells, the sounds, and how even though many years may have passed, we can still feel young from time to time. 

When We Were Young is available on iTunes. Watch below or click here to buy.

Dealing from the top of the deck: Tarot Rats announce their new EP: 3.0.

8th August 2017

Tarot Rats set out with one mission: to write, record and perform the music they love - vintage soul, rock, and blues. The band’s sound has mainly evolved to explore lead singer Tim (Steel) Hill's vocals, a man blessed with a voice way beyond his years. It’s become the focal point of their latest writing sessions, and rightly so.
With their unique take on the blues-rock genre, the Rats offer an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped-back, soulful acoustic melodies: one foot firmly in the heart of the blues era, the other striding forward - keeping it alive, keeping it fresh and bringing the music to a brand new generation.
The Tarot Rats have announced their new EP 3.0, to be released on September 22ND  2017. Ever seeking authenticity, the band recorded live onto 2" tape: a deliberate choice to capture a classic vintage rock and blues sound.

Rat's guitarist Chris Sansom explains:

“We recorded it live to show what to expect when you come to a Rats’ gig. We often get asked what we sound like live. Grab an EP and see for yourself!"


Read more.

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Kent based Tarot Rats may be surrounded by the beautiful British countryside but they are certainly not quaint. With their unique take on contemporary blues-rock, the Rat's offer an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped back, soulful acoustic melodies.

Drawing from a spectrum of influences including Led Zepp, Sabbath, the Beatles, David Bowie, Guns n'Roses and many, many more, Tarot Rats provide a colourful mosaic of musical variety.

Managed by the excellent Rock People Management and with a new EP on general release 22nd September, the Mischief very much have the future ahead of them.

Tarot Rats are:

Timothy Steel - Lead Vocals

Riff Wizard - Guitar

Solo - Guitar

Chiv - Bass

Malc - Drums

Craig-o - 6th member, photographer, general all-round dude

Terri Chapman - Manager

& Rats ladies...




when we were young

22.8.17/ Available from iTunes & Amazon or to stream via Spotify & Deezer


04.20.2016 / Filmed and edited by Matt Pellant
Tarot Rats courtesy of Amp Records UK

MInor Arcana.jpg

Minor Arcana

by Tarot Rats




Timothy "Steel" Hill

Timothy "Steel" Hill

Timothy "steel" Hill

Lead vocalist Tim Steel is the archetypal band frontman. With his dashing good looks and engaging performances, Tim leaves most audiences mesmerised. Most.

With influences ranging from Kate Bush to Robert Plant, Steel's vocal range is nothing short of spectral, allowing Tim to power through the Rat's big rock tracks but also tantalise on their softer, stripped back acoustic numbers.

No one fancies Tim more than Tim does himself.

Johnny "Riff Wizard" Hammond

Johnny "Riff Wizard" Hammond

Johnny "Riff wizard" hammond

Riff Wizard Johnny is the heart of Tarot Rats with an instinctive ability to create beautiful music. The founding member, Johnny has always strived to push the Rat's forward with an unparalleled combination of hard work and passion.

Johnny's love of the great rock and blues guitarist is plain to see with Hendrix and SRV heading that bill.

Johnny has more tattoos per square inch on his body than he does hair.

Chris "Solo" Sansom

Chris "Solo" Sansom

Chris "solo" sansom

Chris joined the Mischief as a fan-boy with a keen eye firmly on the activity of the band. As the businessman of the outfit, Solo is always the first at the negotiation table.
Chris takes direct influence from modern and contemporary rock guitarist with Slash, Gary Moore and Jimmy Page as the most noticeable.



adrian "chiv" smithers

Bio to follow...


alex "Malcolm" ribchester

Bio to follow....