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Tour Dates

July 29th - Rock & Blues Custom Show - pentrich, Derbyshire

September 22nd - the forum - tunbridge wells, kent

october 28th - the george - cranbrook, kent



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Kent based Tarot Rats may be surrounded by the beautiful British countryside but they are certainly not quaint. With their unique take on contemporary blues-rock, the Rat's offer an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped back, soulful acoustic melodies.

Drawing from a spectrum of influences which include Led Zepp, Sabbath, the Beatles, David Bowie, Guns n'Roses and many, many more, Tarot Rats provide a colourful mosaic of musical variety.

Managed by the excellent Rock People Management and with a new EP soon to land, the Mischief very much have the future ahead of them.

Tarot Rats are:

Timothy Steel - Lead Vocals

Riff Wizard - Guitar

Solo - Guitar

Adrian Smithers - Bass

Alex Ribchester - Drums

Craig Marshall - 6th member, photographer, general all-round dude

Terri Chapman - Manager

& Rats ladies...




No love lost

11.27.2015 / Live at AMP records


10.10.2016 / Live at SOFAR London


04.20.2016 / Filmed and edited by Matt Pellant
Tarot Rats courtesy of Amp Records UK

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Minor arcana


Minor Arcana is the debut EP from Tarot Rats.


A blend of riff-fuelled, dynamic sounds against a backdrop of modern songwriting. The opening track “Simon” delivers a powerful punch and sets the tone for what’s to come.


Continuing the journey into the profound, “Killing Me at the Station” teases with circus-like intrigue and dirty, over-driven guts.


“No Love Lost” delves deep into the band’s psyche and the anthemic “Rats Get Fat While Brave Men Die” peaks to an euphoric crescendo.


Minor Arcana finishes on the beautifully emotive “Temperence”, providing a perfectly eclectic introduction to the Tarot Rats.

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Minor Arcana

by Tarot Rats